How To Track a Cell Phone Location By Number in South Africa

how to track a cell phone location by number in south africa

Track a Cell Phone Location By Number in South Africa, Although mobile phones might appear to be advantageous, note that a few individuals utilize them for sinister and nefarious actions. Cyberbullying, infidelity, sexting, and child predation are among the negatives. Subsequently, it’s just normal for you to look for courses to monitor the location of your kid, partner, or worker based in South Africa.

Do you want a magic wand to lead phone-tracking activities in South Africa? Not quite. All you require is a top-tier phone tracker compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Here are 5 Working Apps To Track a Cell Phone Location By Number in South Africa

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However, there’s an issue. While there are various options in the market, most are fake and outright scams.

This article looks to change all that. In the ensuing lines, we’ll show you how to track a cell phone location by number in South Africa and notable alternatives you can use to lead this activity without hassles.

how to track a cell phone location by number in south africa

3 Options to Track Any Mobile Number in South Africa

We’ve seen it’s possible to acquire an individual’s location data via their number in South Africa. Yet, what mobile tracker categories are relevant to this activity?

Here are our top three:

SMS Location Tracking Apps

SMS location tracking apps are services that grant you access to a device’s real-time GPS location using the target’s cell phone number.

This is the carefully guarded secret:

  • Head to the platform’s URL and insert the South African phone number you’d like to track. It ought to have this format (+27 81 390 2242).
  • After inserting a number, create a message and click the “Send” icon. The service will insert a URL and forward it to the target Android or iOS device.
  • At the point when the target receives it and clicks on the message, you’ll instantly receive information on their GPS location.

Although multiple SMS location tracking apps claim to trace a number in South Africa without hassles, it’ll be ideal to utilize a demonstrated alternative like

Spy Apps

If you’d like to spy on your ward, partner, or representative’s device and sieve out their GPS location, messages, emails, and social media chats, we suggest spy apps.

Upon installation on the target device, you can access any data bit you’d like without needing a password.

This is the way to get everything rolling with one:

  • Subscribe to your favored spying service.
  • Install the app on the target device using the instructions sent across.
  • Head to your unique Control Panel and sieve out the target device’s GPS location and other data bits.

You’d experience various spy apps to track a phone number while scouring the web for options functional in South Africa. However, if you look for efficiency and 100 percent stealth, it’ll be ideal to utilize a top spy app like mSpy.

Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

Reverse phone lookup sites work similarly to the SMS location tracking services we gave confidence to earlier.

This is the way they function:

  • Head to the favored reverse phone lookup site of your choice. We suggest using – phonenumbertrack – as it delivers accurate outcomes on South African phone numbers.
  • Insert the phone number associated with the target’s iOS or Android device.
  • Click “Track.”
  • View their GPS location immediately.

how to track a cell phone location by number in south africa

How can I trace the exact location of a phone number in South Africa?

In South Africa, assuming the number is registered with Google and the proprietor sends you their location through Google maps knowingly or unknowingly. Then, you can simply follow the beneath strategy:

  • Click on the link sent you by the individual.
  • Open the Google maps page on your android or tablet.
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Then, you will have their exact location on your phone screen.
  • You can trace them by navigating using Google maps direction.

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