Best Android Phone Tracker By IMEI Number in 2023

android phone tracker by imei number

Android phone tracker by imei number, as we came across a theft incident that happened in my brother’s society. iPhone and smartphones were stolen from their rooms and still, they didn’t get it back as their phones had become untraceable. Does imei number tracking work?”

Have you faced a similar situation like this in your life of all time? Are you concerned about the safety of your mobile phones? Want to track your phone if it disappears? If indeed, then you should read the article and learn how to track a phone using imei online and shield it from being utilized by strangers illegally.

What’s IMEI Number

You probably seen a long 15-digit number on the crate of your smartphone; no problem if you haven’t. This number is your phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity Number and is unique for each device, similar to our fingerprints. The IMEI details of our phones get registered with the manufacturers and carrier organizations to monitor the device’s location.

In this way, if your device is stolen, report it to your service provider and ask them to obstruct your IMEI number. At the point when an IMEI number gets impeded from a certain carrier, the database of the block category is updated, and all the other carriers obtain and follow this.

Here are the 5 tools to Track Android Phone by Number

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After a block, you will be unable to make and receive calls and send or receive messages. Therefore, it’s the best move if your device gets stolen, as it keeps the number from coordinating illegal activities.

android phone tracker by imei number

How to Find IMEI Number on Android

For Android:

Here are the methods that you can use to find your Android phone’s IMEI number.

  • Method 1. Dial *#06#
  • Method 2. From Device Settings
  • Method 3. On the Back of Your Phone
  • Method 4. Really look at the Device’s Container

Method 1. Dial *#06#

The easiest way to get your IMEI is to open your dialer and dial *#06#. As soon as you type the last #, your IMEI details will spring up. However, you might have to press the dial if it doesn’t appear.

Method 2. From Device Settings

Open Settings – > About Phone; at the top or bottom, you will see the IMEI details. However, depending on your device’s brand, you might have to ride a little in Specs options.

Method 3. On the Back of Your Phone

Many devices have a sticker on the rear side with the IMEI details. Really look at the backside of your device if it’s still there since the majority of us eliminate it.

Method 4. Really look at the Device’s Container

The case pack of your phone also has the IMEI details written over a sticker. Look at it for details.

android phone tracker by imei number

Can I track an android with the IMEI number?

The IMEI or MEID, together with the serial number, won’t help directly track the device. The same thing goes for apps that claim they can get a phone location by number only.

Can I track a phone with IMEI number free?

If you know the respective IMEI number of the stolen device, you can track the phone using IMEI for free using various applications that are available online for this reason. Stage 1: Search for “IMEI tracker” in your play store app and download “IMEI tracker-Find my device” on any of the smartphones.

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