Purchase Subscription

Choose the Subscription Plan

Choose your Subscription Plan – either Basic or Premium.

Your choice depends on your monitoring preferences and aims.

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Add New Target device

It is very easy to log in to you Control Panel, right after purchase

and add the required device for monitoring.



Installation Process

Physical access to the target device is required.

You need to take your child’s gadget in the hands to install the app properly.


Note: You can take the advantage of using iCloud Solution, in case you are going to monitor your kid`s iPod, iPhone or iPod

Touch. Install the application without any physical access and jailbreak. Available within the premium Subscription only. The iCloud Solution includes only 12 monitoring features of 24 available.

Jailbreak iOS or Root Android

Jailbreak your target gadget before Appspying installation. If your child uses an Android gadget, you should root it.

Note: Root for Android is not required. But for such features as emails monitoring, social media (Instagram, Facebook) and online chats (Kik, Viber, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp) it’s necessary.

Install the App

Now install the application following all the guidelines you will receive on your email. Feel free to contact our Customer Support, in a case any assistance is needed.


Monitor with no problems

You can log in to your CPanel right after the installation process is finished and start monitoring.

All the information from your child`s gadget is in full view.