Frequently Asked Questions


Which payment methods are available

We provide various payment methods for the convenience of our customers:

  • Pay Pal
  • JCB
  • FAX
  • Discover/Novus
  • American Express
  • Diners club
  • Visa/Master Card
  • Bank/Wire Transfer

Does the application need online connection?

The tracked device requires the Internet to transfer the information to your CPanel. The application itself does not need online connection for monitoring. In order to transfer multimedia files, the tracked device will require Wi-Fi connection.

Can it be revealed on a tracked device?

Yes this application is visible on the tracked device. A user may see its icon on the tracked gadget screen. You can also get some alerts or notifications that reveal the application. However, using our iCloud Solution, your tracking will be stealth as you don`t have to install the app manually.

How can I disable the option of automatic billing?

In order to disable the option of automatic billing, you should ask for it personally. Just place your request via our contact form, use the online chat or send an email to our Customer Support.

How to install the Appspying?

It will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete the installation. We have made this process enough easy and convenient. After the purchase you should follow the guide from your subscription email on how to set up the application. Remember, that you need a physical access to the tracked device,  but it is not required if you use iCloud solution for tracking iOS tablets and smartphones.

How to block incoming calls?

It is very easy to block the incoming calls. The application will block all incoming calls automatically from specific phone numbers, if you have added these numbers to a Block list under your Settings tab. A caller will hear busy tones only.

How to stop my subscription?

To stop your subscription and delete your personal account, please turn to our Customer Support.

Are there any limits on my subscription plan?

You won`t have any specific limits per day. Only Basic subscription has some limits which allow monitoring up to 300 SMS and 700 calls every month.

You can find out that you have reached the limit whet the information in your Control Panel will stop to update. You may order unlimited SMS or calls option in your Basic plan, buy another Basic subscription, or upgrade it to the Premium.


Where can I monitor the whole data from a target gadget?

All the information from your tracked gadget will be uploaded to your CPanel right after the monitoring application is installed and connected to the server.

How often does the data get updated?

The frequency the data get updated with depends on every specific feature.  But, at average, it gets updated each 20 minutes at least.

Does jailbreak void my warranty?

Jailbreak will void your iOS warranty. However, it can be restored easily. Update the tracked device to the latest iOS version. Alternatively, restore it to primary settings. Please take notice that in this case Appspying will not work.

Which devices support your monitoring application?

Our monitoring application is supported by most of Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. In order to find out more information about, please, contact our Customer Support or visit the Compatibility Page.

Can I set up the monitoring application remotely?

You can set up the monitoring application remotely only if you use the iCloud Solution provided with Premium subscription. In any other cases, you need a physical access.

How to update the Appspying application?

Android: Rooted devices get updated automatically. Other Androids can be updated in two possible ways:

  • By following the guidelines in your Control Panel.
  • By tapping «Update» button in the application on the tracked device.

iOS: The application gets updated automatically.

What is Appspying for?

Appspying offers you a high quality, multi-active application, which allows to spy on other smartphones and tablets. It includes such features as text messages spying, phone calls, calendar, browsing history, GPS location, social media, contacts and many others.

Is it legal?

It is absolutely legal to set up and use the app on mobile devices, which you are the owner. It is also legally if the gadget belongs to your kids under full age. We do not approve the use of the Appspying products for any illegal goals including but not limited to monitoring mobile phones and tablets without their owners permission.

How can I delete some data from my CPanel?

Enter “Device Settings” section in your CPanel and click “Unassign Device” below on the right.

This action can’t be undone. Your subscription will be disabled, and you will not be able to use it with any other device any longer. All the data will be deleted from your CP immediately and permanently.

Can I get a refund? In which cases?

Our customers can get a refund, if their reasons comply with Appspying Refund Policy. You can send an email with your request to get a refund to our Customer Support. Provide the explanations why you qualify for it. The company representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to root Android Phone?

Right after the purchase – the links to off-site sources will be provided. There you will find the comprehensive guidelines and needed information on rooting Android devices. is not connected with any of the provided sources.

However, rooting Android devices is not a must to run our app. In case you would like to get full access to all the application functions you should root the tracked device.